Organising your relief teaching kit

Getting your Bag of Tricks Organised

Personalising your bag of Tricks

Creating your bag of tricks is really a vital part of your experience as a successful Relief teacher.


I often suggest to people, that rather than considering a day of no calls as a day off, allocate some time into putting some thought into your resource kit or creating some resources of your own. It is so easy to do this using such simple programmes as PowerPoint, which I use all the time. At the end of the creation you can save it as jpg files, PDF, windows media file (upload to YouTube if you like) PPT presentation and other formats. It is easy to see the layout of your resources, insert images and make these resources your own. It is how I actually got started myself making resources for sale.

Did you know that you can find images and clipart for free in a number of places.?

Teachers Pay Teachers has a host of free clipart that you can download simply by setting up and account. (Please remember to leave feedback to the sellers) If there is a certain style or resource maker you like simply ‘follow’ their store

ClassDojo has a brilliant ‘decorate your room’ download which includes PNG files of all of the characters which you can incorporate into your resources.

TES Australia has a small range of free clipart and graphic organisers that you can download simply by joining as a member.images (2)

Pixabay is a great website for finding creative commons images

These small additions can make your worksheets ‘pop’ and be more engaging. And the students will look forward to your style, especially if you are able to make personalised reward cards which is very simple to do.

Here are some behaviour and reward resources I have made using clipart you can scroll through the samples to see them.

Click on this link to see a video of the book


If you feel slightly overwhelmed about getting your relief teaching bag of tricks together, then remember that all Members of the Relief Teaching Association can use the discount code for my store to get a generous 20% off all orders. Check it out on the main page where you can find all of the discounts available to members. You may be interested in my latest resource “The Ultimate Relief Teaching Survival Kit” which has been recommended as a handy resource for getting your Effective bag of tricks together


Have fun putting your Bag of tricks together.

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