Brain Breaks In the Classroom

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I am blessed to be able to create resources to make Relief Teaching just a little easier. Before I start on my blog, I am thrilled to share some very kind words I recently received. My Ultimate Relief Teaching Survival Kit, has been a labour of love for the past 6 months and to receive such glowing feedback made it all worthwhile, and I know that I am helping in my own way to take some of the stress away from finding resources and building lessons from scratch.

“This is BRILLIANT!!! I only bought it a few days ago and I have not even sorted through the tip of the iceberg yet, but as a (very) mature aged student who simply wants to make a career out of Casual Teaching, this is the SINGLE BEST resource I have!!! I am excited about finding out just what else it has to offer and how much easier still (it has already given me the simplest ideas that have made things sooooo much better and easier) it is going to make my teaching life!!! It is such a HUGE relief to finally have some direction. Sooooo much is expected from teachers and this includes CRT’s. When I graduated in 2012 I thought I wanted a permanent, full-time position immediately – more because of my age than anything else I think. However, I recently realised I LOVE CRT! It’s my passion.and to finally be able to put together a “kit” and “specialise” in it is wonderful! It is just what I needed. Thank you and please keep it coming Thank you Nikki Tester  Tiffany Laing
The Value of Brain Breaks in the Classroom


Learning Lift off- The effects of Sugar on Children

Many schools have a break in the middle of the first two sessions of the day (usually literacy and numeracy). It is well researched that sugary cereals etc may not be the best start for the day. Sugar levels will drop around the 10 o’clock mark, so crunch and sip breaks (or fruit break) are included as best practice in many schools. Students get a chance to have a healthy snack and a chat, then prepare them for the following session. Hydration is also important for healthy brain function, so incorporate a drink in this session. The link above is one of many that discusses the effects of sugar on thinking and behaviour. Teachers need to remind themselves to be good models for their students and rehydrate and enjoy a healthy fruit or vegetable snack at the same time. Getting the students outside at this time is a great way to re-energize them.


GoNoodle is a favourite of full time and relief teachers alike it has fantastic videos linked to yoga, dance moves, and a host of activities to re-energise and transition your students between activities.

Sitting for too long can be challenging for both adults and children alike. We need to get up and move to get the ‘ wiggles’ out. The University of Colorado has created a brilliant PDF that is free to download with links to videos and a host of ideas to use in your classrooms. 152 pages which will be valued by Secondary Teachers (Click on the link below to access this book)


Lateral Thinking Games

These are a brilliant way to re-fire the synapses and get those brains ticking again. I have recently created a handy resource in my store which both Primary and Secondary Teachers may find a useful addition to their bag of tricks. This is available in my $2 shop. (click on the link below to access the resource)


Minds in Bloom by Rachel Lynette

This is one of my favourite bloggers and if you haven’t subscribed to her blogs then you are missing some great tips for teaching. She has a wonderful blog which has 20 3-minute brain breaks that you can add to your resource kit. ‘ These are great to use anytime your students are feeling restless and are struggling to pay attention. Most of these will only take a few minutes, and then you can get back to the lesson with your students ready to focus on the lesson at hand.’ (Click on the link to go to the blog)


Optical Illusions

I have yet to come across a class that does not enjoy looking at optical illusions. I have a few presentations that I like to use with students, and use them as a reward….if we get this work done, I will show you another amazing picture. Kids find them fascinating and engaging. I have created a handy resource that incorporates both optical illusions and a great lesson that you can use as an art activity to create illusions of their own. (click on the link below to checkout some of my great Brain Break and Fast Finishing Activities with various themes……there’s one for Halloween and Christmas coming up soon)




Brain Breaks and Fast Finishing Activities

Enjoy creating your own Brain Break bag of tricks



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