Would you rather cards.
Would you rather cards.
Would you rather cards.
Would you rather cards.
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Would you rather cards.

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Looking for a fun way to get your students to share a little bit about themselves or just have a little fun? These Would You Rather Questions are perfect! There are over 100 total questions included.


These are great to use when you have a few extra minutes.


You could also ask these questions before they leave for the day, during your snack time or while you are waiting for something to begin!

You could also use them as a class whiteboard activity or even for writing prompts!


These would you rather questions are great for teaching students how to have a sense of humor, imagination, and fun! 


These questions are perfect for special education or preschool classrooms because:

•there is no right answer

•students can answer errorlessly

•they are a fun way to build relationships in your classroom

•If you are working with a new group of students, they are a fun way to break the ice

Laminate these cards so that can be used for many years to come.

Black and white versions available for low ink usage.


Have FUN!!!



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