Video Introduction Movie for Previews on TPT (for sellers)
Video Introduction Movie for Previews on TPT (for sellers)
Video Introduction Movie for Previews on TPT (for sellers)
Video Introduction Movie for Previews on TPT (for sellers)
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Video Introduction Movie for Previews on TPT (for sellers)

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What will I get?

• You will receive a widescreen version of your logo intro so that you can simply use the PowerPoint template that I set up for you to add your own products and text, in your previews for TPT.

• You will also receive an MP4 version of the file so that you can use it with apps on your phone or tablet (or any video editing software)


How does this work?

1. Initially I will ask you to contact me on my via email or you can message me on Facebook via messenger if you prefer.

2. We will then discuss either via Skype, messenger, google hangouts…….(whatever works best for you) to have a 30 minute chat about your design concept.

3. After we have discussed your design, I will require a few things from you:

a. Your logo

b. An audio track if you want one (or I can provide a copyright free one)

c. Any images that you want to include in your video introduction

d. Any hex codes that you may have saved so that we have continuity across your branding.


How do I use the finished file?

• I will provide you with a PowerPoint which will contain your fully animated intro.

• It is incredibly simple to use, you just copy and paste the slide into the presentation that you want to create as your TPT video. (I will give you a detailed set of instructions to help guide you through the entire process.)

• Your MP4 version can be used as your FACEBOOK header as well (added bonus!!!)


How will we share files?

• Dropbox

• Google Drive

• Email

• One drive

• Box

We can set up the best account that will work for us both.


How long will this take?

My turn around time is under a week depending on the number of projects that I am working on at any time. I will most certainly communicate this clearly with you, however, I endeavour to get all projects completed in that time frame.


How many times can I change my mind?

There will be three rounds of revisions offered, with minor changes for each. If you would like it reviewed or changed in the future, I will charge a fee of $5 for any revisions made.



Looking forward to working with you on this next exciting stage of your business.

Let’s take your design portfolio and branding to the next level!!!


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