OREO writing strategy
OREO writing strategy
OREO writing strategy
OREO writing strategy
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OREO writing strategy

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Use the Oreo writing strategy as a way of helping students to structure their work.

Group sharing of ideas is an important and integral part of this process.

Students may be encouraged to work further on one of these ideas.

An Oreo writing strategy is a yardstick for ensuring that an opinion writing meets the required standards. Oreo stands for the following:

  • O – Opinion
  • R – Reason
  • E – Evidence
  • O – Opinion (restated)


It is the ideal opinion writing introduction. Here, the writer is expected to tell the readers how he or she feels about the topic

The writer then tells readers why he or she feels that way. You can give reasons why you love soccer, why you dislike breakfast (which I doubt anyone does), and so forth. They should persuade the reader to take your side as the author.


Support your reasons with explanations and examples from reliable sources. It enhances the credibility of your opinion writing. Words such as, for example, for instance, and in other words, can be used as transitions. This part should be handled with care as it determines whether the readers will side with you on the opinion provided or not. 

Opinion (restated)

It is the conclusion of an opinion writing. The author once more tells the readers of his idea and also adds his feeling. It is like reaffirming what the first three parts of the Oreo method put. Transitions, when concluding include, all in all, to summarize, and to sum it all up. 

Just like any other form of writing, ensure that each paragraph focuses on a significant point that backs up the argument. Ideas should be connected with compelling words and phrases.

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