Ocean Road Trip themed Decor Pack
Ocean Road Trip themed Decor Pack
Ocean Road Trip themed Decor Pack
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Ocean Road Trip themed Decor Pack

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Create a beautiful, calm and organized class with this OCEAN ROADTRIP Themed editable pack with a bright sunny background. I have put together a pack to cover everything you might need. Take a look at the preview to see some of the items included.

This set is designed to meet the needs of abilities across a range of classes.

  • Master decor pack- which includes name desk cards with number lines and alphabets, an alphabet desk card, tub labels, group job labels, editable calendar, numbers in circle themed tags, name tags, colour posters, birthday cards, awards, alphabet cards, desk group name cards, editable cards to make your own.
  • alphabet cards with images
  • alphabet cards without images- ideal for copying or use with playdough and sorting
  • folder spines for easy identification
  • daily schedule
  • editable calendar
  • continents of the world
  • tub labels-rectangle and square
  • bunting
  • newsletter template-editable
  • punctuation posters
  • roman numerals
  • 2D, 3D and nets of shapes
  • Number cards with ten frames
  • Times Table Charts A3
  • Roman Numerals A3
  • Continents A3
  • Punctuation Posters A3
  • Foundation style numbers and letters for NSW teachers (Other states- no problem as these are all fully editable
  • Additional A3 sheets included are:
  • weather chart
  • jobs list
  • daily calendar
  • classroom poster
  • maths language posters
  • maths mindset posters with emoji themes
  • angles
  • types of triangles
  • time facts
  • parts of speech posters
  • YOUTUBE video- how to change fonts

Please Take NOTE

When creating an editable resource like this one it is essential to make it editable so that the teacher can modify the templates to suit the particular fonts and lines that you are using in the classroom

I have used Century Gothic as the placeholder in these slides but it is up to the teacher to individually modify them.

The lines may not suit the font that you are using and so I have provided you with a blank sheet that can be used for you to add the line style that is used in your particular school or district.

In Australia, for example, we have a different font style for each state and so it would be incredibly difficult to create a resource for everyone of them….hence this resource being made editable.




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