Number games 1-10 no preparation
Number games 1-10 no preparation
Number games 1-10 no preparation
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Number games 1-10 no preparation

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Who lives in the tree?

How to use this resource

These fun mats can be laminated and used to match the animals of the students choosing to go and live in the trees.

As laminated sheets students can use them to put matching playdough apples etc in the trees, trace over the letters and match counters or playdough in the ten frames provided.

With larger numbers, students can use these as a dice game and see who can fill their tree first with the exact number shown on the mat. If you are looking at the number 8 and the child throws a 2, then they know they will need to throw a 6 or any combination that adds to 6 to complete their tree. If they throw a number that is too big, then they miss a turn.

These mats can be used as part of group rotations with students filling all sets of cards as an activity.

Suitable for pre-school or early kindergarten students.


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