Number Facts 1-10- Game
Number Facts 1-10- Game
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Number Facts 1-10- Game

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Number puzzles from 1-10 are great for maths rotations : use as cut up puzzles or as playdough mats for children to match ten frames, trace words and find the dice that match. Self correcting with colour visual prompts.
Print off two of each and cut one up as a puzzle to differentiate this task for students who require a more scaffolded resource.
This is just one of the resources included in the larger bundle from the 'Ultimate Relief Teaching Survival Kit' or from the Numeracy Printables bundle.
A sweet resource that can be laminated and cut up as puzzles and then used in numeracy rotations, or as an early finishing task.
Perfect for re schoolers or Kindergarten aged students.
Great graphics including number frames, the word cards, dice for subitising and matching numbers of unicorns.
These would also make great laminated mats to use with whiteboard markers or with playdough to reinforce number concepts

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