Mother’s Day Bundle
Mother’s Day Bundle
Mother’s Day Bundle
Mother’s Day Bundle
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Mother’s Day Bundle

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Acrostic template
Alphabet Adjectives
available in high color printing or black and white versions for children to color themselves
Perfect for Mothers Day this week
You will get 1 PDF with 6 pages

What is an Agamograph?

An Agamograph is a series of images that change at different angles. This work is named after the Israeli sculptor, Yaacov Agam who was born in 1928 and still living today (2017). This artist is known for his optical and kinetic art.

I have created two different sized templates- The smaller is to be used with A4 or Letter size paper. The larger size can be used with A3 paper to make a great display to accompany the writing tasks.

There is a blank template included so that students can draw their own illustration of their Mother or carer and use it as part of Their finished Agamograph.

The two designs are carefully cut into strips and assembled as shown in the template using this pattern

1 A 2 B 3 C 4 D 5 E 5 F 7 G 8

When the strips are completely dried they can be folded concertina style, and then mounted onto card to display

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