Memory Book for End of Year (k-8)
Memory Book for End of Year (k-8)
Memory Book for End of Year (k-8)
Memory Book for End of Year (k-8)
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Memory Book for End of Year (k-8)

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Get ready to have a blast with this versatile and engaging collection of memory book pages, perfect for students from Kindergarten to year 8! Designed to strike the perfect balance between age-appropriate fun and practical functionality, these pages are sure to capture the imagination and keep students engaged.

With the option to print pages back to back and a "fit to size" printing recommendation, you can save paper and get the most out of every sheet. Plus, the "2 to a page" version allows you to create a half-sized memory book, perfect for keeping things compact and portable.

And with space for students to draw a picture of themselves or include a photo on the front page, these memory books are sure to become treasured keepsakes for years to come.

So whether you're looking for a fun end-of-year activity or a unique way to keep students engaged and motivated throughout the year, this collection has got you covered!

This collection can be used for classes from Kindergarten to year 8 as I have tried not to make them to babyish in order to suit the needs of a wide range of students.

Pages that you choose can be printed back to back in order to save on paper. Be sure to print ‘fit to size’ for best results

•I have included a ‘2 to a page’ version which you can also print back to back as a way of saving more paper and creating a half sized memory book.

Students may like to draw a picture of themselves in the star on the front page or you may like to include a photo of the student.

37 page PDF

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