Lemur Design Door Poster
Lemur Design Door Poster
Lemur Design Door Poster
Lemur Design Door Poster
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Lemur Design Door Poster

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This collaborative poster is a great way to start your year, with 16 pages which create a poster which will fit perfectly on your front door.

These door displays are an inviting way for you to brighten up your classroom.

These Lemur designs come in a variety of designs

Each one has 16 pages and can be printed in black and white, or in color if you choose

They are like a giant jigsaw puzzle and can be joined together to create a poster that is large enough to fit on any standard sized door

If your door is smaller or larger, this can be adjusted on your printer

Your students can write their names on the individual Lemur cards

Black and white versions are available for your students to color in or you may like to print the colored ones

Students simply cut out their name tag and they can be added onto the display or around the design, depending on the display that you choose.


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