Graduation Year Book- Saving Memories
Graduation Year Book- Saving Memories
Graduation Year Book- Saving Memories
Graduation Year Book- Saving Memories
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Graduation Year Book- Saving Memories

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Hey, tired classroom teacher! I see you peeking at this graduation year book If you adore no prep resources worth the ink they're printed on, then you'll love this one! This end of year memory printable is PERFECT for those graduating students of yours! This collection can be used for students who have completed their primary education and will be moving into secondary school A beautiful keepsake and fun end of year activity to be working on.
Students can often become restless towards the end of the school year, they know that their primary education is coming to an end...and often they can be challenging to keep on track
This graduation booklet is a wonderful way of building collaboration and consolidating their lifetime friendships as a class cohort ready to move into the high school years.
Let me tell you what's inside.
  • Class gallery
  • The student most likely to become....
  • My proudest moments
  • All about me
  • Friends gallery
  • What people say about me
  • My favorite things
  • Memories
  • Words of wisdom
  • High school tips
  • Keeping in touch
  • Autographs
⭐This is an EXCELLENT activity…
  • fun end of year activities
  • end of year keepsake
  • individual desk work
  • partner activities
  • morning work
  • early finishers
  • sub plans

Check out the video preview to find out more ⭐The best part? This resource requires NO PREP and is easy to use. You can choose to print these pages for students to use a printable journal or booklet.

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