Grade 1-2 Emergency Sub Plans/SUB Pack  (Animals)
Grade 1-2 Emergency Sub Plans/SUB Pack  (Animals)
Grade 1-2 Emergency Sub Plans/SUB Pack  (Animals)
Grade 1-2 Emergency Sub Plans/SUB Pack  (Animals)
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Grade 1-2 Emergency Sub Plans/SUB Pack (Animals)

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You will win any class over with this enormous 500 page engaging animal pack.

This emergency sub plan is perfect for the days when you just can’t be there. Your sub and students will love this sub plan which is packed with highly engaging, relevant learning.

This resource is also ideal for any Grade 1 or 2 teacher who is looking for material to support the teaching of this wonderful topic.

This packet bundle includes everything you need for unplanned sub days in your classroom. Each worksheet or activity is animal themed and no prep/low prep. Just print and file away in your sub tub along with a couple picture books and you are prepared for a day off!

See the preview for a quick look of the activities included!

•This set has been created so that the PDF can be printed back to back, two to a page or on single sheets depending on the needs of the teacher on the day. 3 sheets for every day provided.

What is included in this pack?

  • Overview which can be used for planning or left for the classroom teacher - Animals and Pets.
  • Suggested games and activities to check students prior learning.
  • Links to online readers which can be used with any device. (Unite for Literacy books- link provided).
  • Read and match activity with both UK and US spelling
  • Number work- graphing and interpreting results, addition facts to 10, symmetry, geoboard activities and shape matching.
  • Cutting skills- children can create their own pictures after coloring them.
  • Alphabet animals- create a mini book for every letter of the alphabet
  • Alphabet animals- write three words to describe them
  • Animals -
  • Story starters
  • Invent an animal
  • Interesting Facts flip book templates
  • Pets- needs and wants
  • Butterfly and globe templates for animal descriptive writing
  • STEM- Create a home for a pet using pop sticks or sticks from the environment.
  • Needs of living things- video and follow up sheets
  • Memory Game (Needs preparation)
  • Animal Puzzles (needs preparation)
  • Display banners
  • Interactive page for brain breaks- click on the kids and go to an activity
  • Interactive page to go to websites to support the teaching of this wonderful topic.
  • Biomes and habitats
  • Animal information report
  • Animals around the world
  • More games
  • Feedback and planning sheets for Sub/Relief teachers to leave for the classroom teacher for their return.
  • This resource includes two older products that I had in store which were created as a units of work. I have included it in this pack as an extra resource along with some classroom management tips and attention grabbers.

These can be used projected as a PowerPoint onto the Interactive Whiteboard

Print the PDF version back to back, or two to a page to save ink and paper.

Print the sheets off as an early finishing booklet.

Need Help with printing? then please check out this Brilliant blog from

Pre Kinders.




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