Daybook Planner for Teachers- BLACK POLKA DOTS
Daybook Planner for Teachers- BLACK POLKA DOTS
Daybook Planner for Teachers- BLACK POLKA DOTS
Daybook Planner for Teachers- BLACK POLKA DOTS
Daybook Planner for Teachers- BLACK POLKA DOTS - Oceanview Education and Teaching Supplies
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Daybook Planner for Teachers- BLACK POLKA DOTS

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⭐Are you looking for a practival-easyto use planner that can be printed or used digitally?⭐

This planner is setup in daybook format so that you get a daily overview of exactly what you are doing in your classroom. At the end of the term it can be compiled into your program because you have completed all of your outcomes in each subject and are able to make notations on the work that you have covered to date.


✅The planner will be provided in 3 formats, a PDF for printing (not editable) a PowerPoint which can be edited and a Google SLIDES version so that you are able to choose the style that best suits your purposes.


✅The beauty of having this in a Google SLIDE version is that you are able to isolate or make a copy of just the one slide for the day and if for some reason you are unable to attend school you can quickly email the sub teacher or coach relief teacher who is going to be on your class and they will have a copy of your program at their fingertips and they will be well prepared to go in and take your class so the continuity of learning can be insured.


✅I have always used this method of planning and found it to be the simplest yet most effective and comprehensive way of doing so. All learning outcomes are covered, as is each subject and all the strands of numeracy and literacy.


✅There are a variety of different themes that you can choose from in the store. You can also make a copy for yourself and you can keep or delete the slides that are useful to you. All of the slides are editable so that you can use them to suit your own needs.

(The license is for personal use only please read the TOU included)


✅Additional resources and pages are included but up to the individual user to use to use them if they so desire.


✅Your Google SLIDES can then be saved as a PDF or a PowerPoint, print it off and handed in to your principal at the end of each term or for valuation purposes.


✅Each planner daybook includes a set of stickers created by me, which you can use to brighten up your planner or you can use them simply by cutting -pasting and inserting them on the slide where you choose to use them.


✅For those of you who prefer a paper copy there is a PDF included in the pack. If you would like a specific theme for your daybook please don’t hesitate to ask me in the questions or email me and I can easily make one for you.


You may choose to make a copy for each term and so only using the pages that you will be needing for each term. If you are absent from your class for any reason, it is easy to send a digital version of your programme to the substitute of relief teacher who will be replacing you.

You can contact me via questions on my TPT store or email me


"I am loving this digital daybook. I am using it on google slides and it has been really easy to use and set up. This is my first time using digital (I normally go old school) and I am glad I have made the change and used this vision. It's clear and easy and has lots of different planning pages :) "

"This Daybook is very easy to use in addition to being portable. Great purchase. "

"This was an amazing resource to use. "

"Very well organised! Thank you. I look forward to using this when the school year begins."


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