Number Talks - Measuring MASS using informal units - Math exploration
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Number Talks - Measuring MASS using informal units - Math exploration

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Teaching notes Introducing a valuable resource for young learners to develop their understanding MASS measurement using informal units!
This resource is designed to support children in developing an understanding of how to measure objects using non-standard units such as paperclips, pencils, or even their own hands. The resource is divided into several sections, each addressing a specific aspect of MASS measurement using informal units. They will learn about the different informal units that can be used to measure length and how to select the appropriate unit for different objects. This section also includes interactive activities and games that allow children to practice using informal units to measure objects. This resource is a valuable tool for any educator or parent looking to support children in developing their understanding of length measurement using informal units.
•These slides are a great tool to help your students to work with measuring objects with informal measurements
•You can use them in a variety of ways, including as a class warm-up, for small group work, partner work, exit tasks, or in math center's.
•Your students will love using mini whiteboards or iPads to document their learning, which they can share with their peers, the class, or even take home to show their parents.
Overall, these slides are a fantastic resource that can help your students build confidence in their math skills while also having fun.
Use the slides in edit mode to access the moveable items. Presentation mode is useful for discussion (objects are no longer moveable or editable)
With this resource, children will be well on their way to becoming confident and proficient in measuring length using informal units.
This presentation has slides that are editable for you to add your own images for your students, you can rearrange them to suit your teaching style or the needs of your students.


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