CLIPART- Sticky Notes
CLIPART- Sticky Notes
CLIPART- Sticky Notes
CLIPART- Sticky Notes
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CLIPART- Sticky Notes

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This set of fun sticky notes consists of 11 PNG files which you can add to your students online work.

Digital stickers are an engaging way to add a bit of fun to your digital feedback during distance learning. Digital stickers are image files that can be added onto digital assignments in Google Classroom, Seesaw, Microsoft and more.

You can use digital stickers anywhere but most teachers are adding them directly onto student digital work:

  • On Google Slides: Insert Image, then select the sticker to place it on the slide.
  • On Seesaw: Open the student assignment and choose Edit. Then touch the camera & choose upload. Select the sticker image from your camera roll (on the iPad) or folder.



  1. YES, each volume or bundle purchase is for one single user only. Please honor this by purchasing more than one license if you’d like to share with a friend. Thank you.
  2. YES, my digital stickers be printed on printable sticker paper and used "the old fashioned way" of peel-and-stick.
  3. YES, my digital stickers can be used in ANY online learning platform that benefits the success and growth of student learning. (I.E. - Microsoft Team, Google Classroom, Seesaw, Canvas, etc.)
  4. NO, my digital stickers may not be used in your own personal logo, website/blog design, or an advertisement on social media.
  5. NO, you may not claim my digital stickers as your own.
  6. NO, you may not sell or redistribute my digital stickers in any way.



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