CANVA template QUOTE BOX (SET 1)
CANVA template QUOTE BOX (SET 1)
CANVA template QUOTE BOX (SET 1)
CANVA template QUOTE BOX (SET 1)
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CANVA template QUOTE BOX (SET 1)

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PLEASE NOTE: you will need a CANVA account to use this resource

Are you looking to find a simpler way to create your QUOTE BOX, and build your colour palette and favourite fonts which you can interchange into your designs.

The place holders can be used to insert your logo, product images or videos if you choose (this can be handy for previews of your product if you would like to use them)

The best way to get the maximum use of your CANVA account is to get the CANVA PRO version which allows you access to some amazing images and videos, without having to pay for each render.

Once your folders are set up, they are there for you to download and change whenever you choose.

You will receive a template with 5 SLIDES for your quote box for you to use, measuring 450 x 150 px (as recommended)

1. To utilize these templates for your quote banner, you simply make a copy of the template (so that you always have the original)

2. Create or open an existing design.

3. Click the Text tab from the side panel.

4. Click Add a heading, Add a subheading, or Add a little bit of body text. You can also click a Font combination.

5. Click on the text box added to your design to edit the text.

6. Click outside the text box to finish.

7. Use the text toolbar that appears above the editor to change text font, size, color, spacing, and for more text formatting options.

8. Use Copy style or the paint roller icon on the toolbar to copy the style and formatting of text and elements.

9. Click Duplicate from the toolbar to duplicate a selected text box or click the Trash icon to delete it.

10.Tip: Upload your own fonts and access an extended font library with a Canva Pro or Canva for Enterprise subscription. They’re also available with a Canva for Education or Canva for Nonprofits account status.

11.Save your template as a GIF file. (Please note it must be under 5 MB)

12.You may need to use an online site like GIMAKER ME. In this case you will need to save each slide as an image, and upload to the website. Here you can change the speed, size and quality of your GIF banner.

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