BODMAS Task Cards
BODMAS Task Cards
BODMAS Task Cards
BODMAS Task Cards
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BODMAS Task Cards

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These cards are exactly what you need to help your students understand how order of operations work. These cards are designed to support your students in practising and consolidating this often confusing component of the maths syllabus.

It is especially helpful for those who have difficulty following the BODMAS rule.

You will love how easy it is to prepare these task cards for your centers, small group work, homework, seat work, the possibilities are endless.

Your students will enjoy the freedom of task cards while learning and reviewing important skills at the same time!

You will receive a zip file with both PDF and PowerPoint versions. Please ensure that you have the software to unzip them.

BODMAS is an acronym or mnemonic used to help pupils remember the correct order to complete mathematical calculations in (this called ‚Äėorder of operations‚Äô).

BODMAS is a useful acronym that tells you the order in which you solve mathematical problems. It's important that you follow the rules of BODMAS, because without it your answers can be wrong.

The BODMAS acronym is for:

‚óŹBrackets (parts of a calculation inside brackets always come first).

‚óŹOrders (numbers involving powers or square roots).





Suitable for grades 4-6

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