Alphabet cards with Pictures Classroom Decor- Purple Chevron
Alphabet cards with Pictures Classroom Decor- Purple Chevron
Alphabet cards with Pictures Classroom Decor- Purple Chevron
Alphabet cards with Pictures Classroom Decor- Purple Chevron
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Alphabet cards with Pictures Classroom Decor- Purple Chevron

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A set of alphabet posters for your classroom with black and white print borders. Comes with a set with letters and space for you to create your own images to suit the needs of your students. All letters of the alphabet included for you with both upper and lower case displayed
Enjoy the wonderful clipart from Educlips and Prince Padania
A-alligator, anchor, ant, apple
B-Bear, butterfly, bee and banana
C-cow, crab, cake, cat
D-dinosaur, dog, duck, dolphin
E-egg,eagle, elephant, eye
F-fox, fish, fly, frog
G-gorilla, glue, girl, grapes
H-horse, house, hand , heart
I-iguana,igloo, ice cube,ice cream
J-jam, jar, jellyfish
K-kangaroo, kite, key
L-Lion, ladybirds, leaf
M-monkey, mouse, mittens, moon
N-narwhal, nest notes, nose
O-ostrich, octopus, orange,owl
P-pumpkin, penguin, pear, pig
Q-quail,queen, Q, question
R- robot,reindeer, rabbit, rainbow
S-snail, squirrel, sock, star
T-tiger, tree, turkey, tomato
U-unicorn, underwear, umbrella, umbrella bird
V-vampire bat, vest, vase volcano
W-whale, wagon, worm, watermelon
X-x ray, x ray fish, xylophone,box
Y-yak, yo yo, yoghurt, yolk
Z- zoo, zebra, zero, zipper

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This is for use by one teacher in one classroom. If you would like to share with your colleagues, PLEASE purchase a multiple license. Thank you :)

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