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Over the past few years, Pinterest has established itself nicely and cosily on the bookmark tab of thousands. It is a place to go for daily inspiration for the home, wedding planning or even pictures of cute animals, but did you know it can be a life-changing resource for relief teachers? Here are a few reasons why.

It really is your CRT bag of tricks online!

Pinterest literally has thousands of activities for relief teachers to utilise. Take a look and start pinning them to your own boards, now! That way you’ll never be short of an activity. Bring on those last-minute bookings!

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Organise those ideas. Including all those ones you pick up on a CRT day!

Look at this example of how one teacher has mastered this.

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Get yourself some free print-ables too!

Although worksheets are fast becoming so-last-century, a couple of exciting activities on paper are a good backup and won’t go down like a lead balloon either.

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Score yourself some behaviour management tips.

Behaviour management can be daunting as a reliever, but the ideas listed here will make you feel excited about it! Is that even possible?

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Discover some great writing prompts to get those creative writing juices flowing.

Tick off that literacy box with some of these activities pinned here. Better yet, being creative is FUN!

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Does maths on a CRT day worry you? Don’t let it!

There are a plethora of awesome maths games on Pinterest and many won’t require you to lug things around with you because you can use the resources available in the classroom. Another reason why maths games on a CRT day are so great is because generally no marking is involved. Winner!

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Paint the day away!

Everyone loves art – whether you are a teacher or student. Art always has links to literacy (like a picture book or a creative writing piece. The links between art and maths are often overlooked, too. Why not be famed for moulding the next bunch of Fibonaccis or Eschers!?

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Get a reputation for being a 21st century teacher.

STEM. STEM. STEM! It’s on everyone’s lips. Wow your students and your schools with these awesomely easy to achieve lessons on a CRT day!

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Be proud of what you’re doing, help others and share with the world.

Your ideas are great and sharing is caring, so why not get out there and show the world what you’ve got to be proud of! Don’t forget, it is extremely likely that by sharing your fab work, you are going to help make another CRT’s morning much better – and that is something to feel good about.

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Connect with inspirational teachers around the world.

It’s like Facebook and LinkedIn had a baby and that baby is someone you really want to be like.

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Feel like a pick-me-up at the end of a long day? Let yourself laugh.

As soon as the clock strikes 3, jump off the teaching related pages for a moment and just type in “funny”. You aren’t going to regret it. As the Doctor always says, “laughter is the best medicine”.

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Use it as a PD!

Remember, any time spent on developing as a teacher can be counted towards your own Teacher Identified PD. Each time you hop on Pinterest to discover new ways to teach content, find out ways to manage challenging behaviour or reward all the good stuff that happens in your classroom must be counted towards your Professional Development journey!

There really are so many benefits to pinning; we haven’t even cracked the surface, but what’s for sure if that using Pinterest will enrich your life as a CRT and can make things just that much easier. If you haven’t created a Pinterest account yet, get started and get pinning today!

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