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There are so many resources on the market for you as a beginning teacher. If you are after an honest and helpful resource book, then "Surviving and Thriving" by Nadine King is a fantastic book to buy. (from her website)

Surviving and Thriving equips teachers with practical advice, effective management strategies and helpful guidelines. When you first begin teaching it can be very overwhelming – there’s so much you need to know and you need to know it now! Let our experience and knowledge help you to feel confident, prepared and in control. We want you to love, enjoy and thrive in your chosen career; after all, a happy teacher helps to create happy and confident learners.


The Essential Teacher’s Guide is a comprehensive overview of every aspect of teaching. It’s written in easy to read, stand alone chapters. Choose the chapters that are most relevant to your situation, or read them all! The book contains everything you wish you’d learnt at university and will quickly become your go to resource and survival guide.


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The Ultimate Teachers Guide" by Dale Sidebottom $9.99

The Ultimate Teachers’ Guide has been put together to help teachers with games, activities and different resources to challenge and engage their students. Inside this eBook there are over 1000 different games and resources which are suited to students from primary school right through to secondary school. Here are the activities that are included inside: 

  • Literacy activities and lesson starters
  • Mathematics activities and lesson starters
  • BrainBreak movements, stretches and activities
  • General teaching activities
  • Classroom helper activities
  • Icebreaker activities
  • Time-filler activities
  • Team-building activities
  • Warm-up games
  • Tag games
  • Minor games
  • True and false lesson starters
  • This is a must have resource for all educators

    Break Appz

    Dale is a very talented resource maker. If you are caught short for an idea, then I highly recommend you have a look at the apps available for all mobile devices. So handy to have on your phone. (IOS and Android available) Great Value at around $1-$2 each

    "A Survival Kit for Casual Relief Teacher" Nikki Tester $15

    Since first compiling this resource in 2010, the classroom of the 21st Century has changed rapidly. Collaboration amongst teachers has also evolved, whether it be through Facebook, Blogging, Weeblies , Wiki spaces, Livebinder, Symbaloo, Twitter, Pinterest etc. There is so much on the internet now that at times it can become consuming and slightly overwhelming. I have included more website links and included a description of each website and what you will find there which is new. The activities remain the same. I have been building up my Pinterest Boards, so have included links to them within the book. Hope that you enjoy the layout.

    After 30 years of teaching, I thought it was well overdue to start sharing all those gems that you use in your day to day teaching that help make learning more meaningful and fun.

    I began to build a resource kit for myself when I began casual teaching, and then I realised just how many ideas and activities I had been using over the years. I have spent many hours searching through websites, searching books for great ideas and activities.
    I have now collected and compiled my book of activities and hints for casual teachers ......
    A survival Kit to take with you when the phone rings, and you aren't sure what to take with you.

    The eBook can be used with any storage, to access when you need a quick activity or weblink. Copyright is granted to print off 1 copy for personal classroom use.

    Ultimate Relief Teaching Survival Kit

    Ultimate Relief Teaching Survival Kit


    A Survival Kit for Casual Relief Teachers


    Teacher Planner Binder

    Teacher Planner Binder (Editable)


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