Ultimate Relief Teaching Course and Additional Resources Kit
Ultimate Relief Teaching Course and Additional Resources Kit
Ultimate Relief Teaching Course and Additional Resources Kit
Ultimate Relief Teaching Course and Additional Resources Kit
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Ultimate Relief Teaching Course and Additional Resources Kit

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  • Are you about to venture into the world of Relief Teaching?  
  • Do you find  yourself feeling a little unprepared for what the day may bring?
  • In this course you will look at building on your Relief teaching skills. 
  • Write the perfect resume and get placed on the list of preferred casuals.
  • Let me guide you on how to create the ultimate relief teaching kit which will help you to navigate your way around any primary classroom or any teaching role.
  • Become a Google master and learn how to refine your searches to find the exact resource you are looking for, such an invaluable time saving tool.  
  • It has saved me hours of precious time, just knowing and understanding how to search Google effectively.
  • Build relationships with students,other teachers, staff and school community members through my module on building relationships.
  • You will look forward to joining your colleagues in the staffroom and becoming a vital part of any school community.
  • This course comprises a wealth of knowledge, information, downloads and resources to start you on your journey as a Professional Relief Teacher.
  • Created by a teacher with over 40 years experience and 20 years of that spent as a Relief Teacher.  
  • I have walked in your shoes, I know just how challenging the role can be-my goal is to support you in your new career.
  • Relief Teaching is an amazing career choice, it enables you to spend time with your family, to work when you choose to, not take the job home with you every day.
  • So.....please enjoy this course and all of the resources and material I have put together for you.  

Additional Resources BUNDLE

  • Essentially this is not a stand alone course, but a way for me to get additional amazing resources to you at a really affordable price.  
  • I totally understand that teachers in general, are usually time poor (and often financially too!!).
  • It is the nature of the beast- it consumes both our time and our finances.  I have spent literally 1000's of hours creating these resources over the last 5 years and if my time spent can save you precious time, then I am thrilled.
  • I am hoping to ease the burden for you by offering you additional content that you can readily download and begin using in your classrooms tomorrow.  It is as simple as that.
  • Get in early and grab this great deal......I will be adding resources to this course as they are created, so that you will have the best stocked Bag of Tricks, and will be prepared for anything that your teaching role my throw at you.
  • My best selling Ultimate Relief Teaching Survival Kit alone sells for $40 so all of the other resources included are an amazing bonus for you.

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