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OPINION WRITING l Lower Grades l Persuasive writing Pack

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⭐"Fabulous, clear pictures with easy to understand language yet full of rich vocabulary. Thank you. "
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✅The purpose of persuasive writing is to convince readers to share your opinion or take a particular action.

✅To try and make your readers agree with your opinion, you build an argument based on the logical appeals of reason and evidence. You may also add emotional appeals to persuade your readers and support claims. An emotional appeal tries to use a reader’s fears, hopes, wishes, or sense of fairness to sway their opinion.

✅In order for students to become effective persuasive writers, it's important they investigate how purpose will influence the persuasive strategies they use in their writing. Start by reviewing the different purposes of persuasive writing as a class. Analyze persuasive texts, or other forms of media, and then identify the purpose for the text.

✅This resource has everything you need to teach persuasive text and the topic of Plastics and Pollution through scaffolds, amazing images and teaching notes.

✅There is a PowerPoint version for you to use on the IWB and a PDF to print for student use.

✅The updated version of this product now has a PowerPoint presentation to watch with your students, this material makes for a great introductory discussion piece. The two videos included in the presentation are very engaging and will promote robust discussion amongst your student.

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⭐Great resource thank you

⭐A fantastic resource! Thank you!

⭐Great resource that I used to supplement our writing unit on sustainability. Thank you.

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