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'Your one stop shop for ENGAGING, AUTHENTIC ideas to keep your students busy, and schools wanting you to come back. Resources that are easy to use with links to some amazing websites and a host of free resources.'

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Nikki Tester (Diploma of Teaching) After 30 years of teaching, I thought it was well overdue to start sharing all those gems that you use in your day to day teaching that help make learning more meaningful and fun. I began to build a resource kit for myself when I began casual teaching, and then I realised just how many ideas and activities I had been using over the years. I have spent many hours searching through websites, searching books for great ideas and activities. Since this time, I have created over 50 resources that are perfect for helping to build up your resource teaching kit, whether you are casual, temporary or full time in primary school education. I embrace and thrive on using technology in education, and my resources address the changing nature of the 21st century classroom. I enjoy mentoring and supporting my cohorts through my facebook, pinterest , resources and blogs. Once a are a learner for life....I hope that I can continue to inspire and support.
Enjoy and welcome to my site Nikki Tester

Teaching is one of the most creative jobs I know, even after 30 years of teaching I realise that every day is different. You may be teaching the same subjects and grades, but it's children that make teaching both the challenging and rewarding profession that I have known. Creating engaging and authentic experiences through our lesson plans can mean spending hours of researching and planning. I have recognised the need to provide resources to free up very busy teachers by creating units of work and teacher planning e-books guaranteed to suit their needs and those of the students in their care. Packed with amazing websites and activities that I have tried and tested in the classroom over the years. These inexpensive resources have taken hours of research and investigation to compile, and ultimately you will have a resource that will continue to grow as they are hyper-linked to my expanding Pinterest boards and Facebook group pages. These are resources to be explored and investigated, bookmarked and re-vamped to suit your own teaching style and needs. We are all responsible for the future of the children in our care, and so I hope that I can play my part in the learning process by inspiring you through my casual teaching resources.

thanks for stopping by......Nikki Tester

Wow! I just found the perfect resource for relief teaching. This 100 page book ('kit') has absolutely everything you need to be a successful relief teacher. Having been a very highly regarded classroom teacher for 3 years, I took 3 years off work to raise my children before dabbling my toes in schools again as a relief teacher. When I was preparing my relief teaching folder I spent hours, days, weeks & months collecting and organising resources & ideas that I thought would be both useful & successful. I wish I had come across Nikki's 'Survival Kit' earlier, it's given me all that I need and more in one place - and to boot, it's cleverly referenced to find just what I need at the time. It's full of open ended activities, creative thinking & everything else you need to be a hit with any year level including personal presentation & organizational tips. If you want to be a preferred supply casual from the word go, get this book, you wont be disappointed. Thank you Nikki for sharing and entire career worth of proven successful, timeless & current resources. It's a shame it's not compulsory for all relief teachers to be equipped with this tool. It truly is a valuable resource for the teaching community. To all new & experienced teachers, take out the stress, enjoy your success & keep loving what you do

Sally from Sydney

The Casual Teaching ideas book is an ideal book for any teacher - even those who have a permanent position. It is packed full of brilliant ideas for any classroom. This book is well worth the investment! Kasey

Kasey from Adelaide

Thank you so much for compiling such a valuable resource! Your book is so relevant, well organised and the content is so engaging. I have been searching for something like this for quite some time and am so glad to have finally found it! A definite first pick for a casual teaching kit


“This is BRILLIANT!!! I only bought it a few days ago and I have not even sorted through the tip of the iceberg yet, but as a (very) mature aged student who simply wants to make a career out of Casual Teaching, this is the SINGLE BEST resource I have!!! I am excited about finding out just what else it has to offer and how much easier still (it has already given me the simplest ideas that have made things sooooo much better and easier) it is going to make my teaching life!!! It is such a HUGE relief to finally have some direction. Sooooo much is expected from teachers and this includes CRT’s. When I graduated in 2012 I thought I wanted a permanent, full-time position immediately – more because of my age than anything else I think. However, I recently realised I LOVE CRT! It’s my passion.and to finally be able to put together a “kit” and “specialise” in it is wonderful! It is just what I needed. Thank you and please keep it coming Thank you Nikki Tester 😀

Tiffany Laing

Would you like to learn to make your own classroom decor, powerpoint or IWB games, QR code resources, lap books and much more? I highly recommend Flapjack Factory….I have made some amazing resources thanks to Tabitha’s amazing course.

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