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Year 4 Term 2 Spelling- Suitable for Distance Learning

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This comprehensive pack is suitable for Distance learning as there is a Google Slides version included in the pack, so that it can be used in printed format or with a variety of devices that are able to utilise Google Slides. A PDF is included which has a link to the online version which will prompt you to make a copy first.

Week 1

Homophones & Near Homophones

Week 2

Homophones & Near Homophones

Week 3

Homophones & Near Homophones

Week 4

Nouns ending in the suffix -ation

Week 5

Adding the prefix sub- (meaning ‘under’) and adding the prefix super- (meaning ‘above’)

Week 6

Plural Possessive Apostrophes with plural words

Week 7

Words with the /s/ sound spelt with ‘sc’

Week 8

Words with a ‘soft c’ spelt with ‘ce’

Week 9

Words with a ‘soft c’ spelt with ‘ci’

Week 10

Word families based on common words, showing how words are related in form and meaning

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