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Warm ups, Brain Breaks or Bell ringing activities

You'll get 1 PPTX and 1 PDF

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This fun lesson starter is guaranteed to have something to get your kiddos to engage with literacy, numeracy and some fun challenges.

The activities have been brought to life with the wonderful clipart from Ron Leishman of Digital Toonage.

You will receive a PowerPoint presentation with the following activities in it:

  • Rapid writing- get your students thoughts flowing with this fun 15 minute activity
  • Categories style game with a range of difficulty levels
  • Read and retell
  • If this is the answer, then what is the question?
  • Alphabet Brainstorm- a quiet reading follow up activity
  • How many words can you make?
  • Writing link to stimulate any lesson
  • What are your spelling words worth?
  • Number of the day ( a range of levels)
  • Creative thinking and logical thinking activities
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