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Spelling Choice board Years 1-2 Dinosaur themed

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Teaching Notes

•This choice board is designed to work with any list of words for a term.

•The activities specifically target middle primary students and encourage them to practice their spelling words., using Blooms taxonomy of thinking skills.

•There are 18 different activities to choose from, and students will monitor their own checklist. The maximum amount of times they can select an activity is 3 and this will be reflected on their checklist. Altogether that totals 54 activities.

•A high ink, low ink and black and white version are included for your needs.

•Many of the activities include technology so that it will be essential to have access to iPads in the classroom for this particular selection of choice boards.

•A separate slide is included to explain what each task involves, and these can be printed and laminated for class reference or as a PowerPoint presentation.

•The choice is yours. ENJOY

UK and US spelling available

You will receive a zip file containing a PDF version and PowerPoint version for use with IWB. Please ensure you have the software to open a zip file

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