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Relief Teacher Starter Bundle

You'll get 3 ZIP, 4 PDF and 1 PPSX

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This kit is perfect for anyone who is starting out as a Relief or replacement teacher.

The Relief Teacher Planner Binder

After years of searching for the perfect planner binder (teacher diary) for so many years I found that they fell short of providing that little bit extra I needed to carry out my role as a Relief (replacement teacher).

Once you buy this resource, it is yours for life, it will be updated each year and you will be notified of the additional resources that have been added .
This massive 365 page resource will suit all teachers, in all educational settings. If you feel that there is something that would be of benefit to be included, then shoot me an email and I will endeavor to include this in the pack.
This resource is designed for you to print and use the pages that you find most relevant to your needs. I keep mine in a ring binder, but you may like to have yours professionally bound by a company like office works.
The bonus of this setup is that you can add new pages as you are invited to teach in new schools and so keep a record of relevant information which will help to make your job a little easier.
I have included editable versions of the covers and resume so that you can create your own.
You will receive
*Casual Teachers Covers which you can personalise or change whenever you like
*Attention getters
*Daily Planner for 2018
*Editable resume template
*Individual Class sheets
* Inspirational Posters or use them as page dividers
*Taxation expenditure record
*Useful web links I have collated from my Surviving Casual Teaching group over the year
* School Information Sheets
* Mandala Calendar
*Weekly Planners
*Month at a glance
You will receive all of these in a zip file, please make sure you have a programme that can open them

The Ultimate Relief Teaching Survival Kit

Every Relief teachers dream kit. Over 700 Pages in this resource bundle.

The kit is 570 pages, and included in it is the Animal guessing game in both PDF and PowerPoint for use with IWB. (Both 158 pages each)

The Ultimate Relief Teaching Survival Kit is designed for any primary teacher, but essentially with Casual Relief teachers in mind. The book includes teacher written activity sheets and Weblinks to support the teaching of all Key Learning Areas of the Syllabus and save you hours of frustrating searching for online resources.

Improve your effectiveness as a teacher with a working knowledge of the internet, enabling you to provide exciting and engaging activities for your students and in so doing increase your chances of call- backs from schools.

The resources included in the book gives up-to-date coverage of the context and requirements of relief teaching. It provides a toolkit of professional, technical and pre-tested strategies for use in the classroom that will help make your job as a Specialist Relief Teacher a rewarding one

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