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Reading Prompt Cards- Emoji Themed

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12 Emoji Themed Prompt Cards make guided reading fun

This resource includes 12 eye-catching prompt cards for during guided reading. These prompt cards will increase student engagement and foster comprehension during reading.

Do you find yourself helping your students to much when they stumble in reading? Constantly monitoring for our students when they make errors in reading can diminish a student's confidence in themselves as readers when our goal is for students to can problem solve on their own at error.

These prompt cards are perfect tools to help you. They are designed for the beginning reader; however, can be effective for older students who continue to struggle at lower levels of reading.
Prompting areas include:

  • Re reading to check meaning
  • Checking to see if reading makes sense
  • Chunking
  • Looking at initial sounds
  • Reading fluency
  • Expressive reading
  • Does reading look and sound right?
  • Using all sources of information including pictures
  • Self monitoring for errors
  • Noticing Punctuation
  • Fixing mistakes at point of error
  • Thinking about the story and content

You will receive 1 PDF

Printing Tips

•These cards are best printed onto card stock and laminated in order to for your students to be able to refer to them as needed throughout the year.

•If you would like to use color printing but save on ink, then why not print 4 to a sheet? These will easily fit into a pencil case or on desks without taking up too much space.

•For Student reference, these can be printed, laminated and put onto a key ring for easy reference

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