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Meerkat Math THINKBOARDS- What is the question?- Numbers less than 30

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What is a thinkboard?

It is a graphic organiser or tool to assist students to make connections across/ within and between different representations of knowledge. The more connections that are made:

•the better the understanding of the mathematics

•the more likely it will be that the mathematical knowledge is retained

•and easier it should be to apply the mathematics

The focus of the think board is on finding

the connections between the different

ways of representing a problem.

How to use them

•Arrange students into groups of four, placed around the Think Board’s four sections. Provide the students with one of the sections as a starting point and give them time to discuss the idea with their neighbours before deciding on what to record.

•You can also work on a Think Board as a whole class or individually.


•Think Boards promote discussion – look for mathematical language used.

•Assess individual student’s understanding of a mathematical idea – look at all sections of the

•Think Board individually to find strengths and weaknesses

This resource contains both PPT and PDF versions in a ZIP file so please ensure that you have the software to open them

You will recieve a set of 5 different Thinkboards for each number and an editable version so that you can create your own.

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