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Halloween Writing with Video Stimulus

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This resource is totally unique. The powerpoint includes a custom made Video with teaching notes to stimulate your students and excite them about writing. The characters and background images are engaging and really fun for students of all ages.

Templates are provided for

  1. story planning and sequencing
  2. character development
  3. vocabulary development
  4. plots
  5. structure of a narrative
  6. features of a narrative
  7. features of setting

Suggested use of this resource

1. Show the students the first part of the video. They will need pencil and paper (or workbooks) and as the jumbled words appear, ask your students to write the words as quickly as they can.

2. Discuss the meaning of these words with your students.

How do these words match the images in the video?

If we were going to write a story, what characters might you meet and where may these stories take place.

3. See how many of the different characters the students can remember from the next part of the video. Give them 5 minutes to write down as many as they can remember.

What were they all doing?

What setting or scene were they performing in?

4. What settings or scenery did you see in the final part of the video.

Which of the characters might you expect to see in those scenes? What other characters could be included in the story. How did the music add mood to the video? DISCUSS

•If your students get stuck for ideas for characters, and settings I have included two roll the dice activities for your students to play.

•These could also be included as an extension activity for a follow up writing lesson.

•Scaffolded templates are included in the resource to be printed off for individual use.

You will receive a PowerPoint file, PDF and 5 minute Video with teaching notes to use with this resource. fallingfordealsseason

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