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Fun games that need little or no equipment - Ideal for Relief and Sub teachers.

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This affordable 154 page booklet has over a hundred easy to implement games that will appeal to children of all ages.

From time to time, as relief teachers we will go to a classroom and find that there is no lesson plan waiting. If you are familiar with the subject at hand, you can typically use the textbook as a basis for a lesson about the topic currently being taught. However, an issue arises when you know little about the class's subject.

It can be even worse when you have no textbook available for review.

Make learning fun, because so long as the students view you positively, you can be confident of call backs.

Improvising for Relief Teachers

It is best to come prepared for the worst with activities and ideas of things to do with students which will engage and keep them on task. Obviously, it is always best to relate any work that you give to the subject if you can, but if not, it is still important to keep students busy and on task. In terms of classroom management, the worst thing to do is to just let them talk. This can often lead to either disruption within the class or even worse noise levels that disturb neighbouring teachers.

They are great fun, and I have tried every one of them in my classes.

Quickly and easily plan an activity, physical education lessons or math and spelling game with these NO PREP ideas.

We all need to have these games up our sleeve for those lessons that may run short by 10-15 minutes, or as a brain break.

This booklet is a must have for any teacher working as a Substitute or Relief Teacher.

Easy to implement (simply have the PDF on your phone or external drive for easy reference)

Index is hyperlinked to make finding and activity even easier for you.

See the thumbnails for a list of games

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