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Fidget Spinner and Stopwatch timed Math,Literacy and Sight Word Bundle

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Fidget Spinner and Stopwatch Literacy Games

Take advantage of the Fidget Spinner craze or simply use with a stopwatch of IWB timer.

This Literacy Pack includes some fun games for literacy. These are incredibly useful as time fillers, brain breaks or extension activities.

**Boggle words- including a blank template to make your own versions. Different sized grids that can be adapted for use with different grades and abilities

**What's your word worth? These Scramble like tiles all have a numerical value so that students can work out the 'value'of each of their spelling words, or even the value of the group class names.

**Categories_ this is a perennial favourite with students of all ages. Blank worksheets are included in this bundle, with links to some additional list word generators and word lists.

I hope your students have as much fun playing these games as I did making them.

Fidget Spinner Math Games

Fidget spinners and Stopwatch tasks for math stations. These games can be laminated or put into an A4 document folder for easy access.
Some suggestions for using these gadgets with concrete materials that you may find in the maths resources in any classroom.
I have included some handy printable number cards to help build your resource list
Print out on heavy card stock for additional strength and durability.
Race against the spinner or stopwatch and practice your skills in the following
**Proper Fractions
**Improper Fractions
**Place Value Games
**Total of numbers
**Product of numbers
**Difference between highest and lowest scores
**Putting results in ascending and descending order

Fidget Spinner and Stopwatch Sight Vocabulary Games

The fidget spinner game is essentially a timer....this is the essence of these resources. Students work in pairs or alone, to 'race the spinner' in order to gain a Personal Best score.
**Suggestions on how to use this resource are included in the download, with some sight word game cards that can be included for games.
**This bundle includes both PDF and PowerPoint versions so that you can edit and add your own word lists for thematic work or other word lists of your choice.
**How to use this resource

This resource can be used as a single student activity where they are racing against their own personal best. Racing against a stop watch or fidget spinner.

**Working in Pairs

One student reads through the sight word lists as fast as they can. The other student is the teacher or monitor. If they believe an error has been made they will place a counter over the mispronounced or misread word to be reviewed at the end of the allocated time.
Students aim to get the highest accurate score that they can with each spin or turn. Students take off a point if they agree that the word was incorrect… or gain a point if the marker was in error.
The aim is to get the highest personal best score in each round.
Laminate or print these word lists off and keep in an A4 folder for easy access. Some students may read through more than one list in the allocated time. If using a stop watch, the student can record their time taken to read a given set of list words.
A blank sheet is included for you to add your own word lists using theme or spelling words.

You will Receive 3 PDF and 3 PPT (In a Zip File)

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