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Fidget Spinner and Stopwatch Literacy Games

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Take advantage of the Fidget Spinner craze or simply use with a stopwatch of IWB timer.

This Literacy Pack includes some fun games for literacy. These are incredibly useful as time fillers, brain breaks or extension activities.

**Boggle words- including a blank template to make your own versions. Different sized grids that can be adapted for use with different grades and abilities

**What's your word worth? These Scramble like tiles all have a numerical value so that students can work out the 'value'of each of their spelling words, or even the value of the group class names.

**Categories_ this is a perennial favourite with students of all ages. Blank worksheets are included in this bundle, with links to some additional list word generators and word lists.

I hope your students have as much fun playing these games as I did making them.


You will get 1 PowerPoint and 1 PDF version

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