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Farm Math Problems for Middle Primary students-Powerpoint game and worksheets

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This is a powerpoint game which will help your students to develop their mathematical thinking skills with some fun problems from the farm.

To get the maximum benefit from this resource, it is best to use the support worksheets provided (or their workbooks to show proof of working out).This can be used on the IWB or it can be used on GOOGLE SLIDES .

This makes it an ideal resource for Distance Learning

(PLEASE NOTE: the sounds will not appear in the online presentation and the fonts may appear to be different)

This presentation will only work when it is in PRESENTATION MODE. It is essential that none of the slide order is changed because the slideshow is set up to link to each individual slide, depending on the students’ responses.

This presentation has 10 questions- making it ideal to use as a bell ringer, or warm up activity for your math rotations.

It can also be used as a stand-alone activity to focus on the area of working mathematically.

Encourage your students to show their working out using some of the following strategies

1.Writing down all the information that is found in the number problem

2.Determining what ‘units’ need to be included in the answer eg there were 25 eggs

3.Draw their ideas on paper

4.Use concrete materials

5.Work with a partner to think-pair-share their thoughts

6.Discourage your students from clicking on any of the star responses until they have done the working.

If you need to contact me, I am happy to help you

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