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Fairy Tale Unit K-2

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This is a booklet of links and activities that is based around the theme of Fairy Tales. Behaviour management booklet (7 pages) 40 pages including:

-Hints for relief teachers and a feedback sheet

-Interactive timetable of ideas linked across my pinterest boards

-compare and contrast graphics

-word search

-Spelling and word work based around suggested lists. Quizlet and some cute spelling ideas guaranteed to please.

-I have who has cards for spelling words

-Reading and Literacy links to units of work, slide shares, free resource download links and suggested online sites to read stories.

-Numeracy links with a fairy tale flair to them, as well as some wonderful links for maths stations, and science ideas to try,

-Term 3 links to calender events and celebrations

Included in this bundle is a 14 page cvc game from GoTeachThis creator, Adrian Bruce.

All you need to do is explore and tailor make your own fairy tale lessons from some of the best websites on the net.

This is a zip file with 3 pdf's 7.19 Mb

over 60 pages

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