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England Research Project- Project Based Learning

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Plan your perfect holiday to England with this research tool This planning activity was made for use with google-earth and integrated for use with a variety of presentation tools for final display of project material. Planning sheets and guides included.

An example of a finished project is included as a guide for your students. Based on Bloom's taxonomy, there are a variety of presentation ideas for your students to use depending on their age level and IT skills.

You will receive a PowerPoint and PDF with the task outlined and a sample presentation to demonstrate to your students what the end result may look like

This will come as a zip file, make sure that you have the software to open it please


1.This resource is designed to engage children in a meaningful writing project using descriptive and persuasive writing.

2.The videos included are the stimulus for the students to launch into research and discovery.

3.Students/teachers will select a stimulus video for discussion.

4.Guided questions will help to elicit responses and discussion within the group.

  • Where might this video have been taken?
  • What makes you think that?
  • What country could this video be taken in and why?
  • What country would it NOT be taken in and why?
  • Have you visited this country?
  • What do you know about this country?

5.Students can use the tools suggested on the following pages to publish their writing, while the scaffolded notes included are there to help guide them in their writing.

6.Encourage students to use GOOGLE MAPS as a research tool to bring their projects to “life”.

Templates are included for use with this resource. You may choose to ask your students to write a factual recount, and information report or a persuasive text to encourage their readers to visit England

The presentation of the report can be in a variety of styles, and I have provided some blank templates, tips and websites that can be used to publish online such as CANVA,FLIPSNACK, ADOBE SPARK POST, PICMONKEY, LUCIDPRESS.

Some programmes such as Microsoft word, SWAY and PowerPoint would also be another way of presenting material to the group, as well as many of the digital story telling apps that are available for IPad etc

Enjoy this resource, I have used this with students from grades 2-6 with great success.

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