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Design a Mask Challenge- FUNNY FACES

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This resource is NOT designed to be used to create masks for your students to use.

It is essential that they use certified medical masks for protection against COVID 19, this is a fun activity for students to make a mask for a toy…not for a person.

Have fun with this resource which is designed to challenge your students to create a mask for one of their favourite toys.

This resource comes with a number of different animal templates to choose from, a suggested list of resources, some videos for inspiration and a few samples that I have made...just to give your students an idea.

You could use these masks for role playing in the home corner, and they may be a useful tool for encouraging your students to wear masks should it become mandatory to do so (In this ever changing environment who knows what may happen)

Encourage your students to go through the planning process before they actually start to create- I have planning sheets included for you to use for this purpose.

As a follow up, encourage your students to share their final results and discuss what worked well and what they may do different next time.

This activity ties in nicely with recounting a procedure. Master sheets are included in this resource.

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