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Classroom Agreements and Mindset- Bulletin Board display

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Need to make a classroom agreement with your students or need a set of words to develop positive mindset in your classroom.

•These cards are designed to be used as a classroom display, however, my belief is that there needs to be authenticity around any activity we undertake with our students.

•Students need to understand what each of the terms/words mean or “look like”.

•Divide the class into groups and give them a set of words each…….get them to brainstorm how each word is relevant to the classroom and their learning goals.

Use a word as a teaching focus for a day or a week, and give students real life examples of each. Praise students who are demonstrating the mindset you may be focusing on eg Why is it important to be risk takers?

•Where do we use mathematics- what does a mathematician do?

•Why is it important to have music in our lives?

•How do we know a person is a great listener?

• How do inventors help our lives?

•What does being a good team mate look like?

•Students may like to add pictures of their own heads onto the various shapes and outlines.

•Use this on a poster board, or use your classroom door as a display for these motivating words.

•Have FUN!!!

over 40 pages included in this file

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