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Breakout game- Escape from Wonderland

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The Queen of Hearts has trapped your whole class in her old abandoned house.

In order to escape, you must use your knowledge of number facts to convince her to let you go.

She has created a number of riddles for you to solve and won’t let you escape until you can give her the answer to all 5.

Solve the problems at each level and be sure to record each answer so that you can tell her the answer to the riddles.

Once all levels are complete, retrieve the completion code to break out and save the day.

You must hurry and escape before you remain trapped in her house for a long time….and believe me, she is a dreadful cook!!! And has a very bad temper (Her favourite saying is “Off with their heads!” but don’t worry, she is all bluff)

Teacher Instructions

•Print out question cards and decoder cards for each level Important

•The digital escape room uses the normal difficulty only.

•Make copies of the recording sheet for each student or group

•Print answer key to check student answers

Escape Room for Teams:

Version 1: Place each level at different stations – Requires

each team to cycle at predetermined times

Version 2: Place all levels at each station – Requires

students to remain at one station

Escape Room for Individual Students:

Place levels around the room for students to

answer. Students receive the completion code

from teacher when all 5 levels are completed


Hide the cards throughout the room to

make the game extra challenging

Use physical boxes and locks to make

the game feel more “real”


  • Doubles and near doubles
  • Doubles plus 10
  • Jump Strategy
  • Adding to two digit to three digit numbers
  • Problem solving
  • Halving


There is a Google forms version of the game for you to use with iPads and on the IWB with your students for more engagement.

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