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Barrier games are ideal for developing expressive and receptive language skills with your students. This drawing activity is a fun and engaging way to practise these language skills with your students.

Barrier games are ideal for encouraging students to use descriptive and positional language, ideal for supporting and extending student vocabulary for both speaking and writing. Barrier games encourage second language learners to utilise their mastery of language in a fun and engaging way.

Teaching Notes

How to set up-Version 1 -PAIRS

•Pair the students where one is the artist and the other the ‘describer’. Using the templates provided, the ‘describer’ will give as accurate as possible descriptions of the monsters to their buddy who will have a blank sheet of paper.

•It is important that the students start with the blank sheet in the landscape position.

Version 2

•This version involves one describer who has the master template, and their job is to give instructions to the remainder of the class. It is hilarious to see the whole class results and compare/discuss the variations and why they may have happened.

When the pictures are completed, then the students can complete the master background in the sheets where there is a blank rectangle to start them off.

This is for use by one teacher in one classroom. If you would like to share with your colleagues, PLEASE purchase a multiple license. Thank you :)

As always, please contact me with any questions!

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