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ANZAC Unit for K-6 and Collaborative Posters

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ANZAC DAY Cross Curricular Unit
Prepare your planning for ANZAC day with this time and money saving cross curricular unit.
30 pages of printable activities, links and websites which will lead you to a host of units of work, downloads, writing prompts, videos and resources to use with IWB.
A small investment for a treasure trove of information.
ANZAC DAY Cross Curricular Unit
Suitable for Years 2-6
. Word Search
.What's your word worth?
.ANZAC Biscuits and recipe
.ANZAC Biscuit recount
.Number of the Day
.Compare and Contrast the Australian and New Zealand Flags
.Design a Flag
.Design a commemorative coin or medal
.ANZAC Symbols
. The ODE

Impress your parents, students and colleagues with this impressive MASSIVE poster.
This resource is designed to be a class collaborative project, with each students working on a page of the larger puzzle/poster.
This resource contains 30 printable pages,which will create 2 posters. Perhaps pair your students up to work together on a page, or create 2 posters for your classroom
The completed poster measures approximately 100 cm wide x 100 cm high or
3’4” wide x 3’4" high
See the image on the next page for an idea of the completed version.
Use this image as a guide to see where each of these pieces go….this adds to the collaborative challenge of this project.
How to Print
This resource comes in two versions (the choice is yours). Make sure when you are printing that you select full slide or fit to page to get the maximum image on each of the slides. This has been created using US letter (8.5 x 11 inches) but it will print in A4 size also.
For best results print on card stock so that the corners of the pages don’t curl and each section is easier to manage.
I highly recommend that your students use the same medium for the whole poster for consistency. In my opinion, I find crayons or pastels give an even finish whereas markers tend to give more lined effect and is more time consuming to complete.
The letter labels can be done with a different medium t
To create a nice contrast. Markers work well for this aspect of the group task.
How to Assemble
My preferred method is to use masking tape, (sticky tape can become very difficult to work with for children) or alternatively have large sheets of butchers paper joined together and paste the puzzle pieces directly onto blank paper.

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