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Addition of 4 digit numbers and decimals

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Each slide comes with a working master slide and an answer slide. You may choose to change the layout of these slides if you don’t want the students to have the answer key directly after the working slide, in order to discourage peeking.

The space underneath the line is available for students to use as a work space so that students can demonstrate their working out prior to dragging the correct answer to the box. Each answer in the master slide is draggable…the answer slides are fixed.

On completion of the first slide, the students will begin to see that there is a pattern between the decimal version and the

4 digit version. I would agree that this simplifies the task, however, in my opinion, it helps students to consolidate and simplify the relationship between adding 4 digit numbers, and decimal numbers with 3 decimal places.

This resource has been made available in both Google Slides and PowerPoint so that you can use the resource that suits your needs.

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