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Survival Kit and Easy Links bundle

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.Easy Links- Wonderful Websites for Very Busy Teachers

Why this book??

Have you bookmarked, pinned and saved hundreds of links?

Do you promise that one day you will sort them out?

This book may be the answer to your organisational dreams. It is designed to be an easy to use, interactive resource. It has been sorted into categories with links to provide answers and help for frequently asked questions posed in posts on Facebook and other social group forums.

What do you get?

  • 105 page e-book
  • 400 Web links
  • Attention getters (3 pages of ideas)
  • Behaviour Management Booklet (7 pages)
  • Suitable for Primary and Secondary Teachers
  • Time saving resource with a wealth of downloads to save you money
  • A Survival Kit for Casual Relief Teachers

After 30 years of teaching, I thought it was well overdue to start sharing all those gems that you use in your day to day teaching that help make learning more meaningful and fun.

I began to build a resource kit for myself when I began casual teaching, and then I realised just how many ideas and activities I had been using over the years. I have spent many hours searching through websites, searching books for great ideas and activities.
I have now collected and compiled my book of activities and hints for casual teachers ......
A survival Kit to take with you when the phone rings, and you aren't sure what to take with you.

The eBook can be used with any storage, to access when you need a quick activity or web link. Copyright is granted to print off 1 copy for personal classroom use. 111 pages

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