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Sea Themed Units Years 5 and 6

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A week in Year 5, Term 2.

The underwater theme is continued throughout this booklet, and the book chosen is "Turtle Bay"by Saviour Pirotta, illustrated by Nilesh Mistry. It is a based on a true story set in Japan, of a man who would spend his days at a certain time of the year, sweeping the beach. Taro, the young child in the story is fascinated by this, and in time he meets the beautiful turtles when they come onto the beach to lay their eggs. There are some fabulous links to websites in the thematic section of the booklet to support doing a mini unit of work on sea turtles. They are a fascinating animal, that is under pressure from human activity in the oceans. I am thrilled to be able to bring you some free resources from GoTeachThis and Ripper Reading Resources. The challenge with this booklet is to choose which of the wonderful resources you will use in your classroom. Over 30 pages and 80 links!! Save yourself valuable time searching the internet for resources, I have done all the hard work for you.

A week in Year 6, Term 1 (no Audio on presentation at the moment)

The Island, by John Heffernan is a wonderful story about a blind boy who sees the beauty of the island he lives on, while the people around him cannot see it. A fantastic story with a link to a narration by the author. Some great links to accelerated literacy activities, and the theme of this booklet investigates our oceans and the threats to our marine life. Lots of links across all KLA's with a fully interactive timetable which links to my pinterest board. A free resource from GoTeachThis and Ripper Reading Resources, makes this amazing value for money and such a time saver. Stage 3 bundle is also available.

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