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Animal and Sea Themed Bundle year 4

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Animal Theme Sea Theme (in Progress)

Animal Themed cross curricular booklet

This booklet uses one of my all time favourite stories, "Lester and Clyde" by James H. Reece. A wonderful tale that explores the themes of pollution on the environment, recycling, and of course frogs. There are resources linked to all of these ideas within the booklet. Your students may enjoy a research project using a Web quest, or investigate how far a 'cotton-ball frog' can jump. This resource is a time saver; there are some fabulous links for you to explore and make these units of work your own.

Sea Themed cross curricular booklet.

The focus of this booklet follows on the Under the sea theme, with the focus being on Whales. Dyan Sheldon "The Whales' Song" is beautifully read in a YouTube clip, however I recommend buying the picture book to add to your collection. The illustrations in it are stunning, and you can see how closely the illustrator David Blythe and author have worked to bring this story to life. Please view the video above to give you an idea of everything that is incorporated into this unit. There is a lot of scope for information report writing, and persuasive writing within this theme. There are over 70 links to websites within the booklet, which is 34 pages of information and helpful activities to support your planning a day or longer into your "Survival Teaching Kit'.

You will also receive a free classroom management booklet

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