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Animal and Sea Themed Bundle year 1

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Sea Themed (Youtube in production)

Under the sea, is the theme of this set of booklets. The chosen picture books are 'Where the Forest meets the sea' by Jeannie Baker, and 'Magic Beach' by Alison Lester. this 28 booklet has 60 links to explore to support all KLA's. You can pick and choose the activities that suit your teaching style and the needs of the class. The ideas in this booklet can also be adjusted for kindergarten and year 2 children. A separate booklet with ideas for behaviour and classroom management is part of this valuable time saving resource.

This resource could be differentiated for use with year 2 or kindergarten class. To use this resource effectively you need to explore all of the links provided and tailor make the suggested activities to suit your teaching style and the learning needs of your student.s All of the hard work searching the internet for inspiration and resources has been done for you.

The suggested timetable has interactive links to my Pinterest board, so that your resources will continue to grow as more pins are added. Within the book there are over 60 links to websites, and for those of you who follow my 'Surviving Casual Teaching' facebook group, you will know that I have a good working knowledge of helpful teaching resources. I recommend that you buy copies of the picture books for days when you may not have IWB capability.You can never have enough picture books in your life!!!

Animal Themed (YouTube in production)

This resource booklet is a time saver for all primary teachers. Within the book are links and activities which will keep a Year 1 class busy for a week or more. Based around the theme of Animals, there are links to units of work, videos, interactive games, fantastic apps and printable activities. The featured picture book is 'Mrs Wishy Washy' by Joy Cowley, and ' One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab" by April Pulley Sayre.

To use this booklet to its best, you will need to really explore the links and contents within.

The suggested timetable is linked to hundreds of ideas for CAPA and PDHPE

This resource will save you hours of searching the internet for quality resources.

Now includes free Classroom Management Booklet.

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