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2D shapes in the Real World-PDF and PowerPoint

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2D shapes in the real world. This resource can be used with the 2D worksheet activities that are available in store.

You will receive Printable and Powerpoint versions

These resources have a variety of activities for your students to use as a hands on activity, with the powerpoint for teacher use to guide your students as they work.

This packet includes engaging worksheets that you can use for

  • revision and consolidation
  • fast finishers
  • to follow up a game or activity
  • in a learning center
  • as homework
  • for assessment

The pages included cover a range of skills for 2D shapes - recognition, drawing, tracing, matching and graphing, putting spiders onto their matching shapes

Circles, square, rectangle, triangle, pentagons, hexagons, ovals, and trapezoids and are included. Your students will keep busy by coloring, writing, tracing and if you would like to print off the activity as a PDF, they can do the activities as cut, glue and paste, or coloring by hand.

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